History and Preservation

Columbus County is located on the southeastern border of North Carolina, adjoining the South Carolina border. It is named after the explorer Christopher Columbus. There is a rich history of railroads in this area. Three revitalized railroad depots in the county serve as museums and civic spaces including the towns of Chadbourn, Fair Bluff and Lake Waccamaw. There is also the Vineland Station in Whiteville, now the town civic center. Keeping the historical value and blending the needs of today makes each of these locations special in their own way.

Agricultural Emphasis

A rich history of agricultural farming is still present today, with row crops like corn, peanuts, cotton and more. The county is full of outdoor activities and beautiful small towns to explore. Whether you enjoy outdoor recreational venues, golf, sailing and fishing, or downtown local shopping, Columbus County has something for everyone. Each year, the community comes together with many festivals to attend. Columbus County Events include local live music, local farmers' market days, the yearly Columbus County Agricultural Fair and Southern Farm Days Event. The rich history of farming and love of all things agricultural shine through in these two latter events. Vintage tractors, farm equipment, and development of local rural traditions are highlights to be enjoyed.

Columbus County’s Crowning Jewels

Outdoor living abounds in Columbus County. A visit to the county is worth it, just to view and enjoy North Carolina’s largest bay lake, at almost 9000 acres. Lake Waccamaw is the perfect scene for kayaking, sailing, fishing, and other water activities. Wildlife views at every turn, including alligators, beautiful variations of birds, and fish. While there, explore the Lake Waccamaw Depot Museum. Another beautiful outdoor location is Lumber River State Park for hiking, camping, horseback riding, fishing, and more! Lumber River flows through three counties!

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Real Estate In Columbus County

With its close proximity to Myrtle Beach, SC, many choose to locate here, as the housing market yields much more for the investment. Just over an hours drive to Myrtle Beach, it is also close to other local beach towns. Ocean Isle, Calabash, Sunset Beach are just a few. The county encompasses a wide amount of rural living as well as in town living. Towns such as Whiteville and Lake Waccamaw each have their own flair and charm. From blink your eyes and you’ve missed it towns to larger cities like Whiteville, Columbus County shines. Rural and small to mid size town options give you plenty of choices. Tatum Realty is your local source for Columbus and surrounding counties from Bladen County all the way to the coastal beaches. 

Economic Development

Named after Christopher Columbus, the region's heritage intertwines with the echoes of railroad history. Revitalized railroad depots in Chadbourn, Fair Bluff, and Lake Waccamaw stand as living testaments, serving as both museums and vibrant civic spaces. Vineland Station in Whiteville, now transformed into the town's civic center, continues this legacy of preservation. The seamless blend of historical significance and contemporary needs infuse each of these locations with a unique allure, ensuring their enduring charm.

Columbus County: Let's Play!

Columbus County unfolds as a haven of natural wonder, beckoning explorers and outdoor enthusiasts to embrace its abundant treasures. Nestled within its embrace is Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina's largest bay lake, spanning almost 9000 acres of pure splendor. An idyllic backdrop for kayaking, sailing, fishing, and aquatic adventures, Lake Waccamaw teems with captivating wildlife, from graceful birds to fascinating alligators. Traverse the scenic outdoors further within Lumber River State Park, offering a sanctuary for hiking, camping, horseback riding, and fishing across three counties. This land of rolling landscapes and serene waters epitomizes outdoor living, inviting you to immerse yourself in its unspoiled beauty

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